Why should you care about platinum?

Grown children, brothers portrait in platinum

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Platinum prints are the best...

If you love classic, timeless objets d'art, and you love black and white photography, you should be dancing on your chair right now.

Platinum prints, aka platinotypes, sit atop the food chain of all photographic printing processes.

No one will argue that with me.

No one.

While anyone can commission a photography session for the purpose of ending up with a platinum print, very few do.


Two reasons: 1) these prints are only black and white, and 2) these prints are expensive. Very expensive.

But for those who love photography, and I mean really love photography, nothing else comes close to how it feels to look at a platinum print of someone or something you love more than anything else in the world.

Whether that love is for a child, a spouse, a precious dog or horse, the platinum print embodies that ethereal quality. That luminous glow.

Nothing comes close. Platinum is simply the best of the best.

When it's time to commission a photo session for a platinum print, chances are you'll have something special to celebrate. Something meaningful. Something rare. Something worthy.

Here are some ideas to get you thinking ...

Families on vacation in meaningful places

Do you have a child who is about to go off to college and you're planning your last summer vacation together in a sentimental place?

Mark the occasion! Fly me out to document this last hurrah.

Luxury dude ranches of the West

Do you visit the same dude ranch with your family every year? Are you best friends with the other families who always do the same two weeks in the same resort? Do you see a portrait of your family hanging in the den with Lone Mountain in the background?

Summer vacations on Nantucket

Do you visit Nantucket (see my portraits of Nantucket) over the 4th of July every summer? Imagine having a family portrait done at Coatue, perhaps something styled in a way to recall Victorian simplicity.

Christmas and New Year's in Aspen

Do you take the same two weeks in Aspen over New Year's, enjoying the same friends year after year?

If you answered yes to any of these, then a commissioned platinum portrait of your family in a place that holds special meaning for you might be appropriate.

Women celebrating milestones - a gift for the woman you love

Our 40th, 50th and even 60th birthdays call for celebrating in a special way. Imagine a day of total pampering, gorgeous clothes, perfect jewelry, feeling beautiful.

And looking that way forever.

Has your mom been declared cancer-free for a year?

Celebrate it!

Have you lost a significant amount of weight?

Accomplished an amazing physical challenge?

Have you trained to run a marathon? Climbed Mount Everest? Sailed around the world?

A platinum print will always be the gift that keeps on giving.

Dog owners

Dog owners hold a special place in my heart. There is no love like what our dogs give us.

And still others, horses.

And for others, it's cats.

And that's ok.

Animals carve out a big part of our heart that never gets filled when they leave us.

You know that look your lab gives you after a long afternoon at play when he's plopped down in front of the fireplace? Imagine having that in platinum above the mantel long after he's gone.

Big promotions at work and ... retirement

Partnerships, executive promotions, and the delicious finale, retirement, all mark significant work milestones.

Executive level titles don't come without decades of personal sacrifice yet they are usually paired with compelling contributions to the development of lots and lots of people along the way.

An executive leaves her mark on more than just the inner circle. Sometimes thousands are touched, sometimes for many generations.

Mark your professional milestone with a handsome, professional portrait in platinum to grace your legacy forever.

The famous historic house in front of the Grand Tetons, Jackson, WY

Why commission a platinum portrait?

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