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Thank you so much for checking up - the print arrived and it's perfect. Thank you SO much. My husband and I separated over a year ago, so its especially nice to have an image of myself alone documenting my pregnancy.

I can't tell you how much it means me.
Sandy G., Englewood, NJ
Cox Family Platinum Print Testimonial

Elegant. That is how to best describe our gorgeous platinum print. We have been fortunate to work with Koren Reyes, Certified Photographer, for a number of years as we chronicle the maturation of our sons while seeking to obfuscate our own deterioration.

She has done a remarkable job on both fronts and is a joy to work with. We were ignorant of platinum printing before Koren and would never have considered such an investment had it not been for her taking the time to enumerate the benefits of the process.

At first blush, it looks like a really good black and white photo, and in that way it avoids being an object of obvious ostentation.

However, if examined closely, it has a luster and depth that is unique to the platinum printing process. The color contrasts are softer and more muted, giving inherent warmth to the print.

Unlike, even high-end black and white prints, this will virtually never fade and looks as fresh now as the day we first hung it. For us, a platinum print offered a far better return on the investment than a more staid and less life-like family oil-portrait. We are delighted!
Anne Cox, Bronxville, NY

Client testimonials

Why did I decide to have my pictures taken?

These photos are a record of my achievement. I had gastric bypass surgery over 3 years ago and have been able to maintain a 160 pound weight loss. Unlike what many people may say, weight loss surgery isn’t taking the “easy way out”. I earned my success and I continue to work at it every day.

I love the way that Koren photographs women! The subjects all look so real, so strong and so beautiful. I wanted pictures that showed me deep down inside. I got exactly what I wanted. These pictures show MY confidence, MY happiness.

I look at these photos frequently. Every time I do, I remember to feel pride in myself.
Yvette Adonai, New York, NY
I am thrilled with photos! I know I will enjoy them for years to come.
Tanya Stanich, New York, NY
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