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Stonington Borough Photo Workshop Series

All levels welcome

Workshops limited to 12 participants. A wait list starts when any class is filled.

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Saturday, May 26, 2018
Saturday, June 2, 2018
Saturday, June 9, 2018


6:00 AM - 1:00 PM

why stonington?

If you cherish lovingly preserved colonial, Federal and Greek-revival architecture, this is a wonderful place to photograph. Stonington is charming beyond words and sits at a geographically compact seaside location on Little Narraganset Bay.

$135 each for one or two
$345 for all three (15% discount)
(United Church members receive a 15% discount on individual classes. Please call to book.)


Students will shoot on their own from 6:00 AM until 9:00 AM. At that point, everyone returns to a location and will have an hour to independently review their images. From 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM, we will project images for the entire class to view, critique and learn from as we discuss the elements that go into making a successful image.

About this workshop series

This three-part photography workshop series will challenge you to create three distinct bodies of work. The goal is to:

  • end up with three images from each class that can hang together as a wall series, and
  • create artwork that looks like it all came from the same photographer

In other words, you'll discover how having a pre-determined task affects the creating, editing and cropping of images to imprint your eye and your personality on a select group of pictures. This is a lot harder than it sounds!

I'm asking students to create a small body of work for this class to encourage printing. It's great to create an online Instagram portfolio, but if you have nothing on your walls in print, you miss out on enjoying prints in the real world. I want you to have analog art that you created. I want you to have something that you will frame with care and attention to detail. I want you to go through the process of choosing not only the images, but the size, color of matting (if any) and type of framing. My little house is filled with printed photographs I've made over the last two decades and every day they bring me joy. I want you to feel the same about what you create.

This is a confidence-building, structured workshop for photographers of all levels who enjoy working outdoors, rain or shine. Although this runs as a three-part series, you are welcome to participate in just one or two workshops if that suits your schedule.

As you can see below, each Saturday shoot has a theme. But like all the rules in photography, they are made to be broken. If you prefer not to work under this kind of structure or "assignment," you are welcome to shoot what speaks to you.

Remember that great images are not about equipment; they're about composition, light, mood and messages. Any kind of digital camera will work.

I recommend every photographer shoot in RAW mode, if available in your camera. It's not mandatory, but it will give you so much greater control in the back-end processing.

Class One - the home & garden

The first class will focus on a "house and garden" theme. The photographer will concentrate on how the garden enhances - or even detracts from - the presence of a house or barn or church or shop. Images could be closeups of a single window pane framing a sunflower or brick steps enhanced by potted plants or a curved driveway's leading lines.

Imagine you've just been hired by a magazine to capture the feel of a place. Think image framing. Think about what makes Stonington special. It could be a series of doorways. It could be different paint patterns on shingles. It could be porticos on the main square shot close up but with a wide angle lens.

Class Two - harpsichords and harbors

Stonington has a high concentration of historic architecture. Today we ask our cameras to tell us what that means. Is it color? Is it proportion? Is it shape? Is it condition? Is it just one building or is it how buildings relate to each other?

You can interpret today's assignment to be about detail or big picture. This is also a good day to consider a series of black and white images and get a feel for why converting color images to black and white is an art all by itself. While this is not a Photoshop workshop, I will share my favorite method of converting color-captured images to black and white in Photoshop.

Class Three - people in places

If you're up for the challenge of deliberately including people in your places shots, this is the workshop for you. If you're not used to asking total strangers for a picture, this is the time to start. It's only hard in the beginning; I promise it gets easier the more you practice. In this day of the ubiquitous selfie, many people love having their pictures taken.

There are plenty of ways to capture pictures of people without invading their space. And there are many ways of photographing a person without their face in the picture. Maybe they're part of a large crowd, or they're just minding their own business in an interesting location surrounded by good color or quality of light. Maybe they're wearing some really unusual item of clothing that would make a really interesting shot!

It's always important to respect anyone's call for privacy. If someone asks you not to take his or her picture, you must comply. You also must be especially respectful of children; it's always best to ask a parent's permission before taking a child's photo.

What to bring

SLR or iPhone or any other digital camera
Instagram filters: if this is how you like to work, bring it on
Suggested lenses: wide angle zoom, standard zoom, macro lens
Rain gear if necessary
Computer for reviewing, cropping or editing images

Stonington Borough, CT

About the workshop leader

I am Koren, a professional photographer from New York City who transplanted to Rhode Island in 2015. When I jumped feet-first into photography in 2002, the photo workshops I took early in my career made the biggest impact on me. I not only loved the cameraderie, I learned so much by looking at and discussing other photographers' work.

So here I am, sixteen years later and hopefully a little wiser. It's my turn to create opportunities for other aspiring photographers to come together in a charming place to create art that means something to us. It's a chance to learn, get inspired, get encouragement, generate ideas, craft solutions and grow as an artist.

Fine print

These workshops will run rain or shine, so dress appropriately. Some of the most magnificent images reveal themselves in rain. Cold weather drains batteries quickly, so bring extra if the temps drop.

All participants (and parents of minors) must sign a waiver that releases me and our host location from liability. This will be emailed to you once your registration and payment go through.

Full tuition reimbursement paid seven (7) days or more before the workshop date. Fifty percent (50%) reimbursement will be paid for cancellations seventy-two (72) hours or fewer before workshop start time. Fees paid by no-shows and cancellations with fewer than seventy-two hours before the workshop start date are forfeited.


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