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What happens after the shoot: review sessions

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The Purchasing Session

After your photo shoot: the Review Session

We will schedule a separate review session after the shoot for all but the Mini Tuesday packages (you do the review immediately after the shoot for the Mini Tuesday packages).

This ninety-minute, in-person proofing session is a time for us to create your custom displays and layouts.

How it works...

During this session, I will show you your strongest images as well as a select number of the others.

Together, we'll consider different layouts, image combinations and a variety of cropping options for wall portraits, albums and/or fine art boxes.

We'll also look at the differences between black and white, sepia, color and some proprietary color treatments.

Help choosing your artwork

You'll have plenty of time to browse through all the different display options as well as to gauge which wall portraits suit you best. I know it seems like a long time, but please allow at least ninety minutes for a relaxed Purchasing Session.

If you need to return for additional viewing time, I'm happy to schedule an additional session with you for a $500 session fee.

Why Portrait Purchasing Sessions work

The sheer number of images intimidates most people, especially when they're not categorized into best, medium and "no way" groups. In the early days, I used to put all proofs online and let people choose from there.

Very few women actually made their selections; some women came back to me years later with their choices, but most of them never did anything with their beautiful images.

Women love having help selecting their artwork

I switched to Purchasing Sessions in 2007 with immediate and gratifying results. Women loved having the chance to crop, play, move shots around, try different layouts, create panoramics and talk about framing.

They also loved leaving all the work for me, knowing that a gorgeous, finished product would arrive in the mail ready to hang or place on the coffee table.

To date, I'm still creating custom layouts every single time I do a purchasing session. Just when I think I've got all the possible layouts in my order system, I end up creating yet another.

This is incredibly stimulating for me, and it's satisfying to my clients that they truly have an original piece of art.

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