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May 2009


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Koren in the Press:
Cape Cod Life
Fit Pregnancy
SELF Magazine
The New York Times
Fine art: the Kitchen Series sells well
Current Color Trends
  Portrait Photography
  New York

     Koren in the Press

sd Cape Cod Life Magazine COVER! This magazine featured Jennifer Holland's account of her storybook Nantucket Island wedding that took place during a full-on nor'easter.

The magazine liked it so much that they put my picture of the brand new husband and wife on the cover of the May 2009 issue.

Fit Pregnancy Magazine names Koren their "Hot Shot" photographer for New York City! An editorial in the December 2006 issue featured "Pregnancy Photographers We Love" in four different cities, granting Koren the most coveted title. Look to the box in the upper left corner after you click here to read it.

SELF Magazine SELF Magazine
I had six photos of the lovely and very funny Val Frankel in
SELF Magazine's
Feb 2009 issue. This brave and beautiful 40-something posed nude for me and wrote about the experience. The issue is all about body image, so see if your doctor or dentist has an issue lying around and test drive your own body image awareness.

To read the article, click here.

See more nudes from this series.

New York Times
The New York Times came to my New York studio to interview me for an article about pregnancy photography in January 2009. While the article didn't run, it doesn't hurt to be on their radar screen!

    Seen the most popular fine art series?

Check out this Kitchen Series....people who've bought selections from this six-piece series tell me it's the best house-warming gift for their foodie friends. Click here to see the entire set.

Fine Art Kitchen Series: Bay Leaves Fine Art Kitchen Series: Lavender
Fine Art Kitchen Series: Rosemary Fine Art Kitchen Series:  Sage

    Color Trends for 2009

What do you think of the colors in this newsletter? Well, they're all taken from the Spring 2009 Fashion Color Report by Pantone. For more on the palette, click here.

About the Photographer

Pregnancy Photographer

I am Koren Reyes, a New York City portrait photographer specializing in women's portraiture. I'm known for creating sophisticated, uncluttered imagery primarily in the studio.

I'm also working on a coffee table book on Sausalito, my former West Coast haunt.
I've partnered with accomplished author, Mark Shaw, whose most current book is the hilarious biography of Melvin Belli. Read more about this book here: Mark Shaw Books

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