Ultra high end photography portraits in black and white: platinum prints photography


Much more than just a fancy name

Platinum prints of sailing off Nantucket Island High end fine art black and white photography

The Platinum Experience

Welcome to the platinum print method. A very old printing method.

All black and white, all handmade.

100% authentic. 100% old world.


Not just the name of a fancy package. No sireee, Bob.

This is so much better than that.

Platinum print of young girl surrounded by soccer balls

It's not for everyone, but it might be for you...

The Platinum Experience

Imagine being in a beautiful place that means something to you. Maybe it's a home that has been in your family for many generations.

Maybe it's a vacation spot your family has enjoyed for decades.

Maybe it's simply a chic, Manhattan photo studio with 30' ceilings and supermodels hanging out at the espresso bar.

Wherever your imagination takes you, see yourself surrounded by the people who love you.

Know that every attention to detail in planning and comfort and beauty has been taken care of.

This special day that you've set aside to create a portrait of the people you love the most will live forever.

Now imagine relaxing in the family den surrounded by your favorite books. A delicious fragrance of wood smoke and polished leather hangs in the air. A crackling fire burns in the fireplace.

Imagine seeing a beautiful platinum print framed in hand-tooled leather gracing the mantel. It's perfectly lit. And it makes your heart swell every time you gaze at it.

This is love; love of life, love of family, love of beauty.

This isn't for everyone, but it might be right for you.

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A gallery of grown-ups in platinum

Just for fun, a gallery of landscapes in platinum

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