Trainers to get you in shape for a boudoir photo shoot: How to get ready for a lingerie shoot

change your body...

change your life

I am actively looking to partner with people who can make a woman's dream come true.

How does this happen? It's an inside-out process. It's not instant, but it's good to the core.

If you're a personal trainer who likes working with real women and you'd like to appear on this page, please contact me.

Many women love the idea of doing a boudoir shoot, but they'd love to lose that last ten pounds before committing.

I've got just the solution. If you've reached a milestone in your life that is motivating you to make changes that are long over-due, here are a few ways to kick-start your transformation.

Lamar McKay
George Bullis

Lamar McKay, personal trainer
Koren says, "I know Lamar. He's a soft-spoken, confident guy who will motivate you to change your body and have fun doing it."

Lamar McKay, personal trainer
Koren Reyes,
boudoir photographer

Lamar McKay

Don't let Lamar's powerful physique scare you, he's a gentle soul.

Lamar has decades of martial arts training under his "belt," and a welcome sensibility about nutrition and enjoying life (that's code for allowing you to have that glass of wine or guinness).

Lamar created two special offers for clients interested in optimizing their bodies in advance of a boudoir shoot:

Koren and Lamar are pleased to offer these programs at a 15% discount. Standard session rates are $130 ($110 with the discount) only for boudoir photography prep participants.

    Three-month option
  • Train twice a week for three months prior to the shoot
  • Train one-on-one
  • Receive nutritional coaching
  • Monthly evaluations to ensure you're making progress
Monthly cost: $130 x 12 = $1,560
special 15% discount = ($235)
Total cost = $1,325

    One-month blitz: lose the last 10 lbs
  • A blitz routine: work out three times a week for six weeks
  • Expect intense body sculpting, increased cardio vascular endurance, core shredding and increased flexibility
  • Nutritional realignment achieves your goal for a defined, toned look
  • The best program to lose that stubborn 6 to 10 pounds
Monthly cost: $130 x 8 = $1,040
special 15% discount = ($155)
Total cost = $885

Lamar McKay's website

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George Bullis
Koren says, "I know George. He's a cheerful, regular guy with a varied interesting athletic background."

George Bullis, personal trainers
Koren Reyes,
boudoir photographer

George Bullis

George is an easy-going, laid-back kind of guy.

As an ex-cop, he's got that in-your-face, no-nonsense matter-of-factness about him.

As a lifelong eater of real food and an athlete who doesn't believe in adding chemicals to boost your workout, he's a purist.

George specializes in running. Want to run a marathon or win a 10K? George will whip you into the best shape you can be.

    George's bio
  • George’s training methodology emphasizes cardiovascular conditioning, metabolic strength and conditioning, musculoskeletal and kinetic chain efficiency.
  • He is a former law enforcement bicycle officer. He served 25 years of Police service on patrol with practical hands on experience with regard to fitness and its application to law enforcement stresses and demands.
  • George holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do/Hap Ki Do and self defense. He is a former police recruit and an in-service, unarmed defense instructor.
  • George has been a nationally ranked indoor and outdoor Masters 1500m/3000m track runner as well as a competitive cross-country runner. He competed with the Central Park TC of NYC. He is currently a member of Diablo Track Club training for the 100m/200m sprint events.
  • George is also an experienced HS, MS and recreation track coach. He specializes in running, sprinting, cycling, body weight strength and conditioning, weight lifting (olympic lifts included), TRX training, SPIN training.
  • Degrees and Certifications A.A.S. Degree is Public and Social Services, ACSM certified Personal Trainer, Mad Dogg Spin Instructor Certification, YMCA Healthy Lifestyles, YMCA Strength and Conditioning Certification, USA Track and Field Certified Coach.

  • George doesn't have a website, but you can find him at 201-675-0971.

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