Professional makeup artist teaches makeup classes for women over 40

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Makeup class for professional corporate women over 40 who want to get promoted

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Makeup lessons for professional and corporate woman over 40 who want to get promoted
Stuck in your job? Wondering if your appearance is holding you back?

Advance your career. Advance your social life.

Learn how the right makeup can change your life.

Where & When
: Wednesday, July 31st. 6 PM - 8 PM.
The Sheffield Penthouse, 322 W 57th Street between 8th & 9th Aves.

: $49 (Save 60% off the regular $125 price)
Please join us for light snacks, wine and good company. All participants leave with a gift bag.

Animal rescue: We donate 10% of of gross receipts to the ASPCA

*Minimum of five participants, maximum of ten.

Just how good is Melinda? Good. Very good. Check out Melinda's work with me.

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Melinda Lombardi, makeup artist & teacher

Makeup artist Melinda Lombardi

Australian native, Melinda Lombardi, teaches you how to apply the right makeup for the right occasion.

"Makeup can change your life. It makes you look better and feel better."

Women need to know just two looks: a fresh, daytime look and an appropriate evening look.

While women in their 20's might get away with just a little mascara and lip gloss, women in their 40's and 50's look best with a little more polish.

» Take a makeup class and kick your career in gear

Nutrition information tidbit ...

one person in many places
from Jo Robinson, author of Eating on the Wild Side

To quadruple the antioxidant content of lettuce, wash, dry and then tear it into bite-sized pieces the day you buy it but one day before you eat it.

This happens because the plant is still able to repair itself even though it has been picked.

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This month's free shoot goes to ...

one person in many places
Jasmin Kwok

I'm giving away a free shoot in every newsletter, but you have to read it to know you’ve won.

Reply to this email within six months to claim your free shoot.

To be eligible to claim your prize, you must be a current subscriber.

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Instagram photo of bridge in Central Park on a steamy summer morning after a rainstorm
I love Instagram!

I take Charlie the Havanese to Central Park every morning and snap a few photos along the way. This felt like the steamy, summer morning it looks like just after a rainstorm.

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Photographers I admire

Leland Bobbe project: Half drag, transvestites, crossdressers
Leland Bobbe did a photo project featuring men who dress as - and get made up as - women. But he only let them get half-way there.

This project took social media by storm. The images are stunning. Cover one half of your view, then the other. The transformation is remarkable.

» See more of Leland's work.

  Outrageous finds...
Outrageous makeup, red eye shadow
photo credit:
No red, don't worry...

Rest assured, we will not be teaching you how to apply red eye shadow.

But it is fun to look at other people wearing it.

» See more outrageous makeup on Pinterest

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