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The camera loves a beautiful woman in a sexy hat
The camera loves a beautiful woman in a stylish hat.

All women look great in hats.

Where & When
: Studio sessions in New York City. Appointments available any day of the week, including weekends.

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I am your private paparazzi

Paparazzi for hire in NYC

Have a visitor who wants to document her visit to New York in style?

I am your private paparazzi

and I will follow you around New York's most prominent landmarks!

See the paparazzi package on KorenReyes.com.

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This month's free shoot goes to ...

one person in many places
Larena Lettow

I'm giving away a free shoot in every newsletter, but you have to read it to know you’ve won.

Reply to this email within six months to claim your free shoot.

To be eligible to claim your prize, you must be a current subscriber.

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This month's test topic: BEAUTY

beauty portraits
A "test" is photographer speak for free opportunities to get your photo taken. In this case, I'm working on a portfolio of beauty portraits.

Backgrounds will be neutral (white or gray). Know anyone who might be up for posing for me? Please forward this email to her!

Volunteer models get all the images in an online gallery and a retouched print any size up to 11x14 in exchange for a signed release.


Instagram photo of snow blowing in Central Park, New York City
I LOVE, love, love Instagram!

I take Charlie to Central Park every morning and snap a few photos along the way. He went motorcycle shopping at Kiehl's on this particularly sunny day.

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Go to the NEXT LEVEL with platinum

Cowboy in platinum print Platinum prints take your breath away (and so will the prices).

Many people come to me for once-in-a-lifetime pictures. A picture printed in platinum honors these precious milestones like nothing else.

It's expensive. But worth every penny.

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  Outrageous finds...

Unwearable footwear, fashion shoes, couture sculptural shoes

Meet Shoe Sculpture

Polyvore recently had a contest asking, "Would you wear this?" I thought this shoe was beautiful. But wearble? Uh, well, we all need sit-down glamour shoes, right?

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I take beautiful studio portraits of REAL women. I'm an expert in maternity, boudoir and dog photography.

I also offer something really special that pretty much no other photographer does: platinum prints. When it's time for the best of the best.

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