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Formal portrait of the mayo of Sausalit before the Tour of California
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About corporate headshot sessions

Formal corporate portraits, specializing in women overe 40No matter what business you're in, the image you present to the world speaks volumes about what's important to you.

Most successful corporate executives want to appear confident, attractive and competent. Women, especially, want to put their best features forward in a picture and yet still look like themselves.

It's not easy to get a great portrait, so choose carefully.

I specialize in corporate portraits of women over 40

The camera can be our worst enemy. It can pick up every crease, every bump, every bulge and every blemish. If your photographer lacks retouching skills, beware.

If you spend money on one thing in your press kit, spend it on your photographer.

Attract the clients you want

The right headshot conveys information about you. The right headshot attracts the clients you want and the clients you value the most. The right headshot is more than just headshot pricing.

Consider ...

  • the right angle (the camera should be looking up at you, not down),
  • the right balance of light (stronger light on one side and a fill on the other), and
  • the right makeup and wardrobe, plus
  • the before and after work in Photoshop.

I work with both men and women for high end corporate portraits, but it's the women that come to me that I am especially grateful for.

I understand being uncomfortable in front of a camera. That would be me. I hate having my picture taken. So I take that feeling and make it go away for everybody else.

In my eleven years of concentrating on women's portraits, I've become an expert at guiding them through the steps to guarantee a great experience and a great result.

Do your research. expect to get what you pay for

Corporate portraits done in my studio start at $1,250, not including hair and makeup. While some people like to come camera-ready, I have a team of trusted associates that do an outstanding job.

Learn more about high end corporate headshot pricing.

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