How does it all work?


Why shoot with Koren Reyes?

Top twenty reasons to schedule a photo shoot with Koren ...

  1. You're going to feel beautiful
  2. You're going to look beautiful!
  3. It's really fun
  4. Impress your friends
  5. Wow your husband or boyfriend
  6. Depress your enemies
  7. You only have one chance to do your first baby's maternity portraits
  8. You'll never be as young again as you are today
  9. It's definitely one of the most self-respecting things you'll ever do for yourself
  10. Is your dog in the prime of life? You can preserve that love forever
  11. The best celebration ever
  12. Celebrate turning 30 (or 40 or 50)
  13. Luxury boudoir photos are the groom's gift that keeps on giving
  14. Because children just plain old grow up too fast
  15. Because I'm really good at telling stories with pictures
  16. Because I'm REALLY good at posing women
  17. Boudoir pictures are all about the pose. Are you really going to trust someone else with this?
  18. I'm REALLY good at Photoshop
  19. Even newborns need a LOT of retouching
  20. Retouching is not a luxury, it's mandatory

Just for maternity photography...

FAQs about maternity photography

For women: how to look great in a photo

Wardrobe tips for women

  • Wear long sleeves, or at least three-quarter length sleeves.
  • Choose v-necks, square-necks and turtlenecks.
  • Avoid cowlnecks and other floppy necklines.
  • Avoid buttondowns and crewnecks unless you have a very long neck.
  • Classic jewelry, like pearls, always makes a great choice.
  • Blouses with collars that open and lie flat look great over a jacket.
  • Layers look great. A single-breasted jacket over a tight-fit, square-neck top looks fabulous.
  • Fitted tops always look better than loose-fitting clothing.
  • No matter what you choose, make sure you can cross your arms comfortably without the shoulders riding up.

Makeup tips for women: how to look great in a photo

  • Wear makeup! If you don't have a professional makeup artist do your makeup, visit a makeup center in advance (Sephora, a MAC store, a makeup counter at Bergdorf Goodman, etc.)
  • Make sure your foundation is evenly blended from the top of the forehead all the way down to the top of the chest.
  • Choose a beautiful, polished eye, not a smoky, dark eye.
  • Wear a lot of defined mascara or false eyelashes carefully applied to look real.
  • Curl your eyelashes before apply falsies or mascara.
  • Lip color should be complimentary or nude. Avoid red and orange.
  • Avoid spray tans.

Last-minute reminders for women's photo sessions

  • Eat lightly or eat nothing at least three hours before your shoot to avoid the tummy bulge.
  • No facials 48 hours or less before your shoot time in case you have a bad reaction.
  • Get a really good night's sleep TWO days before your shoot when you're not nervous!
  • Avoid alcohol 24 hours before your shoot.

What should I wear to my photo shoot?

Get ready for a pet portrait session


Can I bring more than one pet?

  • You may bring up to three without any special arrangements. If you plan to bring more than three, please call.

How should I prepare my pet for the shoot?

  • Definitely get your pet groomed! And give your pet as much exercise as possible prior to the shoot.

What should I do to get ready?

  • Groom yourself, too. Wear makeup (males & females!), wear solid-colored clothing, shoes are optional, and dress in a style that you most closely associate with your pet. If you live a formal life in a Fifth Avenue apartment, bring a ball gown. If you take long walks on the beach, wear shorts and bring your dog's favorite ball or stick.

Do I have to be in the picture?

  • Absolutely not. If you want a photo session that's just about Fido, we're happy with that, too.

Do you require a deposit?

  • We require a 20% deposit to book your date. It's payable by check or credit card.

What equipment do you use?

  • We use an all-professional line of Canon digital cameras (no pro-sumer, no consumer stuff here) and ProFoto lighting

What if I get sick or my pet is ill on our shoot date?

  • If you need to postpone your shoot with less than 24 hours notice, you will forfeit your deposit.

What if I need to cancel altogether?

  • We will give you a full deposit refund if you cancel more than 24 hours before your shoot time. If you cancel with less than that and I can't fill your slot from the waiting list, you will forfeit your deposit.

What packages do you offer?

  • I offer many options, all of which include some nice presentation options. If you have something else in mind, I'm happy to apply a credit toward anything you can imagine.

What should I bring to the shoot?

  • Your pet's favorite treats, squeaky toys or other favorite distractions.

How many pictures do you take?

  • We'll take approximately 200 images of a single pet. That's a lot to work with. We highly recommend you schedule a Purchasing Session to figure out which images to print, how to crop, sequencing, etc.
  • For more than one pet, the minimum number of shots you get drops just because it's harder to organize multiple animals.

What happens after the shoot?

  • After the shoot, you'll receive a low-resolution, proof CD. You have the option of returning to the studio for a sixty-minute purchasing session. During this return visit, you'll view a slideshow of your top images set to music and will have plenty of time to decide which images to frame or order for a custom album.
  • I do ask that you make your purchasing decisions during this time. If you need to return for another session, I'll bill you an additional $500 re-viewing fee.

Can I purchase the digital negatives?

  • Yes! The original digital negatives are available as a buy-out for $3,500.
  • Individual high resolution files are available based on a sliding investment scale.

Can I purchase 4x6 proofs?

  • Yes! You may purchase your entire shoot proofs for $1.50 per image.
  • Individual proof prints are not available.

Can I get high resolution files?


Can I buy the hi-rez files?

  • Absolutely! You're welcome to purchase groups of unretouched digital negatives. Sets of five are $895 and the files are 1920 x 2880 pixels
  • Please note that every newborn photography session includes one retouched, optimized file for a baby announcement
  • Lastly, if know you want all your high resolution digital negatives, you're welcome to do a buy-all for $3,500
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