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If you don't have a web presence, your clients won't take you seriously. I can help with this.

Web sites
Koren Reyes Photography
In mid-2012, I consolidated six of my seven web sites. This made managing the brand a whole lot more efficient. The new site consolidated my maternity, boudoir, family, commercial and platinum photography brands into one.
Geared toward women between the ages of 30 and 55, this consumer photography site draws young, affluent families looking for holiday photos and summer portraits.

It also attracts women looking for "personal" portraits, aka nudes.
Designed for affluent pregnant women in the New York, New Jersey and CT, this site draws women who are usually around 25 weeks pregnant.
Built for the editorial or commercial art buyer, this site showcases portrait work, still life and lifestyle photography.
This site draws New York's thousands of pet owners primarily in the fall when they're planning their holiday cards.

Almost all the photography is in black and white.
SampleX caters to home-owners undergoing reconstruction.

He's selling peace of mind and a cool head through these maddening ordeals, so he needed a web site that read "easy, simple and relaxing."
Pentucket Companies
Chuck Goldberg, principal of the Pentucket Company, serves the real estate brokerage and advisory needs of individuals and corporations in and around New York City.

Chuck's philosophy is all about integrity and value, so we kept his site clean and green.
Boudoir, burlesque, nudes.... these all reside on this brand new site. Check it out and think about having your own session.
Bob Huott, one of more brilliant people I've ever met, plays in a rock band where members build their own instruments and use computers to generate sound.
Broncas Restaurant
I did all the food photography for this restaurant and recommended they re-do their rather unappealing web site.
This website targets freelancers and small businesses who want to improve their clients' experiences.

If you're not sending internet newsletters, your clients can't congratulate your latest achievements. I can help with this, too.

animal planet
This announced my appearance on the Animal Planet that began airing in November 2008
December newsletter for Maternitybykoren
This was a year-end plea to move some of the fine art framed prints sitting in my apartment.
Maternitybykoren Newsletter Aug 2008
This newsletter showed my Photoshop skills. I featured before and after photos with astonishing changes in color, tone, eye color and skin surface.
Ella Vickers Sep 2008 Newsletter
Ella started new production in Latin America and was able to ramp up participation for lots of Fall 2009 shows and events.
Ella Vickers May 2008 Newsletter
Ella Vickers makes beautiful gear out of recycled sailcloth.

Ella needed to announce all the road shows that would feature her product during the 2009 sailing season.
Ella Vickers Newsletters
Ella is big on green. This newsletter announced her participation in New York's first GoGreen Expo.
Ella Vickers Press Release
Nauti Gear, Inc. had to change its name to Ella Vickers, Inc. because Nautica decided her business was going a little too well.

I wrote the press release to explain why, when and how.
Corporate Portraits by Koren Reyes
This newsletter targeted my friend Paul's client base.

I asked for corporate photography, corporate copywriting and web design.
Koren Reyes Newsletter
Every once in a while I share recent work and current projects with friends and clients.

I always get wonderful feedback and new work from these.
MaternitybyKoren Newsletter Fall 2008
This was a particularly full newsletter. I'd had editorial shots published, including a cover, and wanted to let people know.
MaternitybyKoren Newsletter Spring 2007
After the initial maternity photography launch, I decided to re-design the site.

I'd also succeeded in getting a pregnant model to completely disrobe in one of the United State's busiest parks, Muir Woods.
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       Use as few words as possible

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