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What not to wear for a boudoir session

Posted by on Jan 8, 2013 |

What not to wear for a boudoir session

What not to wear for a boudoir session

Rule #1

I happen to be an expert in the area of boudoir photography.

If you’re doing a boudoir shoot for a man, do not wear red. According to Dr. Beckmann’s survey, a full 50% of male respondents put red at the top of the list of colors they didn’t like.

Rule #2

Wear black lingerie. Men love black lingerie on women.

I have a theory about this. Seven percent of men are colorblind, which, as I understand it, would make red look gray. Not that gray can’t be sexy, but black is just, well, black. And white is oh so virginal and pure and clean. Uh huh.

Rule #3

Wear white lingerie. After black, white is men’s second-favorite color for women’s lingerie.

Rule #4

Women like red. If you’re dressing up in lingerie for her, you’re safe.

what not to wear for a boudoir session - men don't like red lingerie

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