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Top ten maternity clothing options

Posted by on May 1, 2012 |

Top 10 maternity clothing choices for maternity pictures

I would argue that your best maternity pictures will be the nudes. But what if expecting parents want to share their images with friends and family? Guess what? You can have both. I spend a lot of time with people talking about my top 10 maternity clothing ideas.

I compiled a group of ten images that have good examples of color, shape and texture. They are not in any particular order. For more details, visit tips on maternity clothing for a photo shoot

Top 10 maternity clothing ideas for a successful pregnancy shoot

1. Black for maternity photos
couple wearing black for maternity portrait
This couple looks great in black, but pretty much everyone does. If your skin tone is very dark, instead of going all black, consider choosing a medium gray.

2. Classic, flattering clothes for maternity photos
pregnant woman wearing fitted black dress and husband in black t-shirt
This stylish couple look fantastic. Since black eats light, profile shots show off a pregnant belly the best. For this style, thinner fabrics that are a little clingy work great.

3. Black is chic, black is timeles, black is difficult
chic pregnant woman wearing all black
This chic young, pregnant woman brought the perfect combination of fitted black turtleneck and comfortable, loose black pants. Her blunt hair cut accents the style beautifully.

Why is black difficult? Because it eats light. Most maternity shots with all-black must be shot in profile, otherwise I lose the belly shape.

4. White for maternity photos
couple wearing white with blue jeans for pregnancy portrait
This handsome couple goes the opposite color direction, white. I tell my couples that it’s ok for the woman to be wearing white if her partner is in a darker color, but it can’t be the other way around. White pops, and the pregnant woman is the star of this show, so she needs to stand out.

5. Athletic figures always make for great maternity shots
very fit pregnant woman in white camisole and black yoga pants
This very fit, athletic pregnant woman would look great in anything. She didn’t gain much weight and every muscle is toned and strong. The white, spaghetti strap camisole is perfect for her in white; it beautifully sets off her golden skin tone.

6. Props with really good stories for maternity shoots
Pregnant woman wearing husband's firefighter gear
This pretty pregnant woman is the perfect example of how certain meaningful props add to the picture. Her husband was away fighting a nasty fire, so we decked her out in the coat and helmet.

7. Props that are just plain old interesting or beautiful or add good color for maternity pictures
Pregnant woman with fairy wings
Again, normally I don’t work with props, but these fairy wings are magical. I love the shape and the colors – especially with the red hair.

8. Avoid prints and patterns – unless you just can’t
African American pregnant woman wearing print shirt
This stylish black woman looks stunning in this black and white print shirt. I pulled this shot because I normally steer women away from prints, plaids, stripes and other busy elements because they compete with what’s going on in the image. In this case, I thought the print choice worked exceptionally well.

9. Best clothing shapes for maternity portraits
fitted gray top on pregnant woman
This perfectly fitted gray shirt creates a serene color scheme. I like the cool tones and I love how this shape fits the pregnant belly. Of course, jeans are the perfect compliment to this choice.

10. Appropriate jewelry for maternity photos
Pregnant woman in all white on black background
This fashionable pregnant woman went high contrast: white clothing on pale skin with a very dark background. I love the jewelry in this image (another element that I steer clients away from).