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Tips for raising a puppy in New York City, NYC

Posted by on Feb 18, 2009 |

Ten Things I wish I’d known when I got my Havanese puppy

I had never owned a dog on my own before and was totally clueless about how to prepare. I spent time at Barnes & Noble researching what other people had to say, but nobody really gives you the details.

  1. Buy the Advance Wee-wee pads from JB Pet, 100 for $29.99

  2. Brushes

    You’ll need a body brush, a flea comb (for the eyes) and a fat-tooth comb for cleaning off stuck-on poop.

  3. Nature’s Miracle

    You’ll need at least a gallon of this and the spray version.

  4. Hydrogen Peroxide

    If your dog ingests toxic food, a tablespoon will cause him to vomit it up immediately, saving you a trip to the emergency room.

  5. Flossies

    Dogs love flossies! Get a pack of them and let the chewing begin.

    dogs love flossies

  6. Get a puppy stroller

    Your puppy can’t touch the streets of New York City until he’s had all of his shots (sixteen weeks). Get a puppy stroller so you can take him out without swinging him on your shoulder. I have this one and it’s great.
    dogs love flossies

  7. Review pet food

    Know what you’re feeding your dog. Thorough dog and cat food reviews are here. Not all foods agree with all dogs. I fed my puppy Innova’s Small Bites and he had most disgusting poops. I hated picking them up and just about every day we came in, went straight to the bathtub where I ran his butt under the fawet.

    I switched him to an all raw diet when he was about five months old. He did really well on it, eating turkey necks, turkey drumsticks, chicken wings, etc. until one day when he was one year old, he choked a little on a chicken bone. It wasn’t serious, but I switched to Solid Gold. He likes it and it agrees with him.

    dog food reviews

  8. Buy one of those little poop bag purses, but don’t buy the plastic bags that come with them.

    The plastic bags that come with them cost a fortune. Instead, go to your local drugstore and buy a bunch of sandwich bags. Better yet, use paper that will actually break down in the landfill.

  9. Make sure any new collar clasp holds

    My mom gave me a new leash and collar which I didn’t love, but used (my mom loves purple and I don’t). One day, my little guy was tugging at his leash and the collar opened up! Thankfully, I wasn’t near traffic and he wasn’t in any danger, but it sure did scare me.

  10. Research vaccines and chipping

    There’s a huge controversy about common vaccinations in dosage and frequency. My vet loves to shoot my dog up with every possible chemical out there, and has no interest in my questions. I’ve also heard that some dogs are developing cancers around their microchips, so I’d also recommend you research the value of the chip versus an identity tattoo.