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The secret to fantastic eyelashes comes from the Plaza Hotel

Posted by on Sep 10, 2011 | 2 comments

Who knew you could get crack eyelash advice from a beautiful server at one of the world’s most sophisticated coffee shops?

If you visit The Bakery at the Plaza Hotel, you’ll not only find exquisite coffee and cupcakes, but a really friendly staff who are more than happy to talk about their beautiful eyelashes.

I had to comment on this young woman’s eyes. The long, feathery eyelashes were clearly super-human, but they were exactly the right balance between over-the-top and something-a-little-extra.

Her secret? Duane Reade. And no, do not attach those lashes with eyelash glue. She said use the hair bond adhesive you can find at a beauty supply store. She said hers had been on for two and a half weeks – and they still looked great. Apparently the adhesive bond dissolves easily with water, so if you’re careful in the shower, you never have to pull out an entire eyelash set again when removing your lashes.

how to get the perfect set of eyelashes
My apologies for the grainy picture. The iPhone doesn’t do so well in low light!


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  1. Leaielle

    That’s me! I love the picture Koren! I’d love to divulge some more secrets over coffee and hopefully model my eyes for you one day! Love your blog, beautiful.

  2. Koren

    Hi Leaielle! Thank you so much for the post! I have to visit Sokol at the Plaza one of these days soon. I’ll drop by to say hello again – after all, your coffee is extraordinary!