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Leila Lopes, new Miss Universe 2011

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Beauty tips, Sexy black women in boudoir photos |

Love them or laugh at them, millions around the world care about and compete for the Miss Universe pageant. Crowned as only the fifth woman of color, the gorgeous Leila Lopes from Benguela, Angola is a natural beauty who cares about HIV and sunscreen. These are not a bad things. Do women of naturally curly hair get the same respect as women with wispy, straight hair? Tell me what you think. Click on the image to see more photos of Leila...

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Gorgeous black women in boudoir photos

Posted by on Jul 31, 2011 in Sexy black women in boudoir photos, Sexy boudoir photos |

Black women do amazing things with their hair. Ok, maybe women of all colors have the same options, but it seems the black women do it in such grand, stunning style.

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Two moods of boudoir photography: dark and light

Posted by on Jul 31, 2011 in Boudoir photography, NYC boudoir pictures |

What keeps photography interesting for me is the constant problem-solving. Pictures that are interesting to me make me feel things, or wonder what my clients are thinking about. Since virtually all my clients are dependent on me to position them and direct their facial expressions, I feel like I’ve done my job when I can this kind of range out of them. The first image is dark, introspective and turned inward. The second is the opposite. It’s engaged with the viewer, it’s...

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The June 14th Beauty

Posted by on Jun 14, 2011 in Sexy black women in boudoir photos, Sexy boudoir photos |

I normally ask clients to pose in very open, very lifted ways…but this pose was pretty much the opposite. I asked this very sexy woman to cross her arms around her body, but to open the head to her left. This open/close combo was my favorite picture of the entire shoot.

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