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A natural model: no makeup, no stylist, yet simply stunning

Posted by on Jul 10, 2011 in Athletes in boudoir photos, NYC boudoir pictures | 1 comment

There’s nothing that makes my job more fun than enjoying the company of a smart, gorgeous, self-deprecating, natural model. This very tall, very fit young woman, went on and on about how she couldn’t bend, twist and pose at all….but, really? The results speak for themselves…one picture after another was great…SHE was great,...

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The May 5th beauty

Posted by on May 5, 2011 in Boudoir photography, leg shots, Sexy boudoir photos |

This tall, lanky, wavy-haired, blonde beauty is an astonishingly young but wise beyond her years ex-dancer. Her knock-out set of graceful, long legs that never end compliment a fresh, delicate poise. As a dancer, I wasn’t surprised to hear her tell me she has a history of battling body image issues. Ok, what woman amongst us (except for Gisele I hope!) doesn’t have something about her that she would love to change? For me, it’s my stomach. I’m an apple body and look...

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The April 14th boudoir beauty

Posted by on Apr 14, 2011 in Boudoir photography, NYC boudoir pictures |

It’s Asian beauty celebration week! I think I’ve just had a run where the last six clients in a row were all Chinese. Very interesting. I liked this young lady’s choice of lingerie; it’s classic, it’s black, it fits well and the lace pattern is beautiful. Take note, ladies! Bring your boyfriend’s white work shirt and use it as a super sexy...

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The April 3rd beauty #1

Posted by on Apr 3, 2011 in Boudoir photography |

Her strength is her dazzling height, but she has yet to grow into how powerful and useful that basic asset is to her. I have 100% full confidence that she will, however, for she’s smart, current, driven and makes things happen.

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