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Sinovision TV films me doing a dog shoot

Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 |

Koren Reyes is on TV

Koren Reyes is on TV again! Yes, Sinovision did a whole segment on New Yorkers and their pets. What segment could be complete without a professional dog shoot? Watch this to learn a little more about me!

New Yorkers are crazy about their pets

I am one of those New Yorkers who is completely smitten and super, crazy madly in love with one little furry creature: my dog, Charlie.

I’ve never had a pet before, well, not on my own, and I never knew I could love anything the way I love my dog.

And I am not alone.

Watch this funny segment to learn about what people in Times Square had to say as well as young Chinese people on the streets of Shanghai.

Koren appears on Animal Planet Dogs 101

And when you’re done with that one, check out Koren Reyes on Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 episode featuring the Yorkshire Terrier. This breed was the most popular in the United States at the time the video was done.