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How to say thank you to your best clients

Posted by on Apr 17, 2014 |

by Koren Reyes

How to say thank you to your best clients

Hello Minneapolis! I’m still new and you still need to meet me.

Have you ever looked for a unique gift to thank special clients who’ve given you good business?

I want to be your gift. Well, not me, personally, but my exquisite portrait-taking ability!

I’m pleased to announce the Thank You Promotion.

If you offer a special product or service in the metro Minneapolis/St. Paul area, I’d like to talk with you. I’m especially interested in Maserati salespeople, high end jewelry designers, couture and custom clothing makers, luxury spa and salon services and full-service concierge businesses.

How to say thank you to your best clients

How to say thank you to your best clients

What do these businesses have in common? The sales experience with the client tends to be personal, the kind where the salesperson gets to know a lot about their clients’ lifestyles and personal interests.

What to listen for to identify who will appreciate the photo gift

If, in getting acquainted with the client, you discover your client collects art or raves about how natural and beautiful his wife/mistress/girlfriend is, he’s a candidate for a photo gift.

If your client talks about how much she loves photography and has portraits of her children over the fireplace mantle in the living room, she’s the perfect candidate.

If your client is buying your product or service without appreciating its quality or the effort you’re putting in, you still need say thank you. Bottom line? It’s nice to thank all good clients.

Why give something special?

I’m sure you’re already writing a thank you note or sending a bottle of wine, but wouldn’t it be better to give something that nobody else has thought of? This could be your lucky day! I won’t be new to Minneapolis forever and as time goes by, the qualifications will most certainly evolve.

Portrait photography is personal

Like you, I get to know a small but important side of my clients’ personal preferences. A successful portrait reflects how the client wants to see herself or her children or her family. It takes time and effort to figure out what this means, and great skill to make it happen.

Fine art portraits

Fine art portraits

How it works

First, we’ll agree on the purchase threshold based on your type of business. Second, I’ll provide a beautiful card, co-branded if requested, for you to give to your client after a qualified transaction. That’s it. My gift through you costs you nothing, but it sets you apart from all the other salespeople wanting to create lasting, positive impressions.

Questions? Pick up the phone and call me at 917-861-9052. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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