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Retouching challenge: put this baby on a lily pad

Posted by on Sep 30, 2012 |

Through clever retouching in Photoshop, this crafty mom wanted to have a fun piece of art of her six-month-old baby. But this picture had to be of him on a lily pad wearing a fancy crown.

Always have good stylists on speed dial

My friend and stylist Jersey Murray made this amazing crown. I took this quick snap of a lily pond on a hike. The baby photography part was easy. I shot the adorable little thing in my studio on a bright blue background. The background color makes it easy to mask out.

A formidable retouching challenge

Think I’ll be able to put these two together and make them look good? The retouching challenge on this is formidable!
Beautifully retouching on before and after pictures of baby wearing crown and lily pond

At least I’ve done it before with amazing results. I shot this woman flat on the floor or my studio and took the tree down on Jekyll Island just off the coast of Georgia:
fantasy picture of pregnant woman sleeping on branch featuring high level retouching skills

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