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Quickbooks won’t print invoices

Posted by on Sep 9, 2013 |

Quickbooks won’t print invoices

Sorry, folks, I’m part geek and this little problem frustrated me to no end. I couldn’t find another place to comment on someone else’s solution attempt, so I wrote my own blog post.

So Quickbooks won’t print invoices to paper or to pdf and you have a Mac. Mine would print reports and other things with no problem. Invoices were the only thing that wouldn’t print.

I tried deleting the plist file (, restarting Quickbooks, restarting the computer and many other things.

Quickbooks invoices won't print

Quickbooks invoices won’t print

No luck.

Today it occurred to me to take a look at my Company Settings just in case I somehow checked a box to PREVENT invoices from printing. No such thing. But I did notice that there were a lot of “x’s” in the font box for Invoice info. I saw the same thing in my return address.

It occurred to me that perhaps I had a corrupt font file. So I changed the font.

Ta da!!!

Invoices magically started printing again to both paper and pdf.

Pfew. I wish I had been that smart a week ago.

Told ya I was part geek.

If this helped you, please let me know. If you, too, think I’m a genius for figuring this out, please let me know. If you like my pictures, definitely call me to take your family pictures this fall.

Ta ta!!