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Prada ski jackets and a Cynthia Rose fur

Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 |

P is for Prada

P is for Prada

Prada ski jackets and a Cynthia Rose fur

Prada ski jackets and a Cynthia Rose fur in the middle of June? Yes. It’s a pleasantly warm summer day deep in the canyons of Manhattan, and I am photographing gorgeous Prada ski jackets and Cynthia Rose fur.

Imagine winning the lottery through a great job, a great marriage, an even better divorce or, well, by winning the lottery.

Imagine being able to spend whatever you wanted on the most gorgeous clothes.

Imagine having the greatest eye and the best color sense.

Now picture yourself all put together, the envy of every man and woman who passes you on the streets of New York, Paris, Moscow.

You’ve done it. You’ve become the fashion-forward woman, completely accessorized with precisely the right amount of pizzazz and classic good taste.

And now imagine having beautiful photo collections of you in your prime. See yourself sharing with your friends. See your grandchildren admiring your sophisticated, well-groomed ways down the road.

Photographs tell the whole story. Remember yours. Share yours. Do it today.

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Prada ski jackets
Prada ski jacket photographed by Koren Reyes

Prada ski jackets and a Cynthia Rose fur
Cynthia Rose fur photographed by Koren Reyes