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Pictures of my best friend

Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 |

I can’t imagine a world without pictures of my best friend. This guy is the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning.

I put up with him on his cranky days and pee my pants laughing at him on his best days.

A long time ago, my guy made it clear that the direct line to his heart was through his tummy. He’ll do anything for me as long as good food is involved. To his pure and utter delight, I give my guy a healthy and varied diet of organic chicken, bison, venison, rabbit, duck and even beef.

Yes, I also make sure he gets a little fruit and vegetables. He loves the leafy greens! Yup, he wolfs down broccoli and kale and even brussels sprouts.

My guy is demanding sometimes. He likes to go out. A lot. Unless it’s raining. Then he refuses to go anywhere.

My guy loves sunshine. Especially in winter.

A collage of pictures of my best friend

My best friend happens to be of the fur variety. Well, he actually has hair, not fur, but furry friend just sounds better.

My heart knows no bounds of love for this little dog. He is my pride and joy, an amazing companion who never complains. Some days I think I’m the luckiest person in the world to have his little, wiggly body to pick up and hug.

My only guilty regret is that I don’t have enough photos of him. It’s the old cobbler’s children’s shoes story … and you would think I’d know better.

This collage represents all of the stages of Charlie’s little life, from 4 weeks old, to snow-covered, feisty and happy fluff ball.

It even shows the super-short haircut I gave him that sparked a NINE day embargo … yes, he wouldn’t speak to me for NINE days. Yup. NINE DAYS.

You can see more dog photos that actually show how other people (clients) did a good job of making sure not one drop of guilt would invade their lives.

Get pictures of my best friend. This is Charlie, the sweetest Havanese in the world

Who is your best friend? And do you have enough great photos that bring you joy?