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New York Harbor School Regatta

Posted by on Oct 6, 2011 |

Here’s a beautiful message from the Co-Founder/President of the US New York Harbor School and New York Harbor Foundation

“Your contribution to this event makes a tremendous difference in the lives of our students here. Without your help, we could not pay for the programs that make us unique and successful. We couldn’t take students SCUBA diving or rowing as part of a Career and Technical Education class; we couldn’t have 20 students growing the next generation of the Harbor’s oysters 100 feet from where I type; we couldn’t take College trips to increase their odds of applying and getting accepted at college; we couldn’t offer programs after-school that keep them engaged in productive work or play on the island. As you all well know, a maritime education is by its very nature on boats, and boats are expensive, and therefor we must rely on private support to run our most essential programs.

I sincerely hope this will prove to have been a good investment for your company. And of course we hope you will leave this event excited about our partnership and eager to help us make next year even better.

I also urge all of you to look around tomorrow at what you have helped create, and know that you have given 400 public high school students a tremendous gift by allowing them access to some of the best marine science and marine technology-focused education available in the country.

I am honestly humbled by your generosity and motivated to do great work on your behalf,

See you tomorrow and PRAY FOR WIND,


New York Harbor School Regatta