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New work: Painterly Classic

Posted by on Apr 13, 2014 |

By Koren Reyes

Photos made to look like paintings

Photos that look like paintings

After: Photos that look like paintings

Photos that look like paintings

Before: Photos that look like paintings

This is the latest in my new series of Painterly Classics, a body of work where photos are made to look like oil paintings.

The process always starts with a great portrait. I light my subjects with a single light, a strobe in a medium, rectangular soft box. I place a giant, rectangular reflector as close as possible to them on the opposite side.

They taught us a weird thing in studio school; since we read left to right in the United States, light should also fall from left to right.

I have never lit this way. My power source was on my right in my New York City apartment (also my studio), so I have always lit from right to left.

I’ve been studying the classic poses and compositions of the Old Masters. I like how many paintings do not feature the subject looking directly into the camera.

What is not classic about this portrait is how tight to the face I’ve cropped it. There’s a simple reason: the work comes from the Hat Project. The focus of the project is women in their hats. It’s not about their outfits or anything else.

Do you like the direction this work is going? If so, I’d like to hear about it. I would especially like to hear from you if you think it’s cheesy.

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