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Should you do maternity photos with older children

Posted by on Nov 17, 2011 |

Maternity photos with older children is a great idea.

I like the traditional maternity photos with older children kissing the pregnant belly, hugging mommy and looking up at mommy. I like these shots to be tight, so I usually crop the shot so that just mom’s belly shows.

Ideas for setting up belly shots with older children

Clothing for mom:
Expecting moms who would love to get that key shot with an older child should bring a form-fitting white shirt of very thin fabric. I like the GAP style camisoles but I don’t like the ‘wife beaters’. If the spaghetti straps of the GAP style cami digs in to your shoulders, consider getting a similar, form-fitting top with wider shoulders.

Clothing for older children
The best clothing color for the older children is white. Why? It’s innocent, it’s pure, it’s neutral and it’s classic. This is a great recipe for beautiful and timeless pictures.

Girls should be in simple white dresses and boys should wear a white shirt and blue jeans.

Challenges of working older children into the pictures

I do need to manage your expectations about how your child may cooperate. Some older siblings-to-be love to be in photos while others fuss.

If your older child puts up a fight in the beginning, we’ll re-visit the shot after working on some variations.

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