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Maternity photography NYC ad in The Bump is out

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Maternity photography NYC ad is out in OB/GYN offices

Maternity photography NYC is near and dear to my heart.

So when Google suddenly decided I was no longer worthy of Page One real estate for all the keyword searches for what I do best, e.g. “maternity photography NYC”, I had to do something. Fast.

Google hates me

Yes, Google hates me.

Or should I say, hated me.

Google, probably Google’s Panda, forced my hand earlier this year. I was crazy busy through March 2012, so I didn’t even notice that my traffic was down. By May, it was painfully clear that I was no longer relevant. My profession lingered at the brink. My life was over.

At least the life I knew.

SEO experts couldn’t explain my fall from grace

I had numerous discussions with SEO experts, social media gurus, business consultants and potential business partners. No one could really explain why I went from the top of the pile from an organic Google search – something I had enjoyed for seven straight years – to Position Four Hundred, aka Page Forty.

According to Alexa, my maternity photography website was the 364,000 most popular website in the world at its peak in December 2011. You should be very impressed by this; Netcraft said as of March 2012 there were 644 million (yes million) active websites worldwide.

As of today, I’m all the way down to 5,562,617. (More disclosure … As of Sept 2012, I consolidated many of my websites into just one:

Two theories explaining why I fell in Google rankings

There are two probabilities that caused my fall. First, it’s likely the Google algorithm change saw my site as keyword stuffed. My site was highly specific, really only offering one thing: maternity photography. I had over 300 pages indexed, most with URL names using some variation of maternity or pregnancy.

Second, I was never very active or successful at social media marketing or engagement. I didn’t get a lot of repeat site visits and I never got a lot of comments from people on my blog. (Full disclosure: I had seven blogs for the seven different websites I had)

With radical change come radical new opportunities

The Google challenge opened up opportunities to take my business in new directions, directions that are still in development. The most promising is the platinum brand I created a couple of years ago. The platinum product line is complex, expensive and unchartered territory for me, but it is re-sparking the passion I have for creating pictures.

The downside to this line is that it will take a long time to build out.

Another option I considered to make up for all the lost traffic was highly targeted print advertising.

The Bump NYC guide released fall 2012
The Bump NYC Guide released Fall 2012″

Since the maternity and pregnancy portrait sessions are so important to me, I decided to re-visit a display ad with the NYC edition of The Bump Guide. The sales people did a great job of convincing me to give it a go.

Tell me the truth, my beloved pregnancy photography clients

It’s up to you now, my beloved pregnant clients, to tell me if this was a good idea or a great idea.

Maternity photography NYC ad in the Bump New York by Koren Reyes
Maternity photography NYC ad in the New York edition of The Bump by Koren Reyes

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  1. Sara

    This is a great ad, Koren. <3