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Sexy maternity photography for the sophisticated New Yorker

Posted by on Jul 22, 2009 |

I took this shot a while ago, but I still love it.

In fact, it’s hanging in my studio and I get to admire it every day.

All of my clients have interesting or amazing stories to share. Sometimes it’s a story about how hard it was to get pregnant. Sometimes it’s a tale of weaving children from previous marriages into the mix. Sometimes it’s juggling a demanding career with an intense desire just to be a mom.

But this particular women’s story I remember well. The day we did her maternity shoot was the day she officially converted to Judaism.

I was fascinated, mostly because I had been pondering doing the same thing ever since I was 17.

This woman was converting because her husband wanted to raise their child Jewish. It was important to him, so she let it become important to her.

I remember her saying the shul she chose brought a very mixed congregation together on the Upper West Side. I remember her feeling very comfortable there. I remember thinking, “Wow. How courageous!”

What does being sophisticated mean?

So what does this have to do with calling her a sophisticated New Yorker? A lot. The dictionary defines sophisticated as being altered by experience, education, travel or other activity that causes a person to be worldly-wise.

My sophisticated clients tend to be highly educated in high-paying jobs. Most of them work in finance. Most of them have a well-rounded appreciation of the arts. A lot of them like dance. Some love opera. All of them treasure photography.

I do a lot of sexy maternity photography for the sophisticated New Yorker

and I’d like to do yours.

What do you think?

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