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Luxury branding and storytelling: How Cartier crafted the cheetah

Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 |

Luxury branding and storytelling: How Cartier crafted the cheetah

Short films and branding are all the rage, and the ones we’re talking about tell a story.

The cheetah represents speed, elegance, grace and a whole lot of cuteness. This Peter Beard photo perfectly depicts the cheetah:
Peter Beard photo of two cheetahs
@Peter Beard photo of two cheetahs

The luxury brand, Cartier, is famous for its association with this lithe, spotted animal.
Cartier cheetah bracelet

In this beautiful short film of three and a half minutes, the cheetah comes to life, springing out of a diamond-encrusted Cartier bracelet.

He embarks on journey that takes him across rooftops in Paris. He glides through the snow next to a sleigh. He runs through a series of gigantic, golden rings on a snowy outcrop of a cliff where he encounters an Asian dragon made of gold. He slinks through a mansion full of sparkling snakes wrapped around bejeweled trees and glittering peacocks.

And then there’s the mansion that turns into an Indian palace strapped to the back of an elephant. And then there’s the bi-plane. And then the perfect, gorgeous woman in a red dress who greets him in her boudoir. They are in love. Like I am in love with this story.

Quel brilliance!

Cartier ad featuring a Cheetah in Paris
L’Odysee Cartier 2012