Expert maternity, boudoir & dog photographer in NYC

Posted by on Oct 25, 2009 |

After having a baby, one of the biggest concerns mothers have is getting the post-pregnancy weight off. As we all know, sometimes its a little difficult to get motivated or find the time to try to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing. If you have the means, getting a personal trainer is great, but if you don’t, well, there are other tools you can use that can be just as effective. And once you drop the pounds, a boudoir photography session is just the thing to show off your new body! 😉

One of the coolest sites for weight loss and getting healthy in general that I’ve come across is the LiveStrong website. The Lance Armstrong Foundation along with Demand Media created the site to encourage everyone to live a healthier lifestyle, to transform their lives, really, and have infused it with a ton of tools to keep you motivated and informed. One of the best is My Plate, a completely free food tracker. It calculates how many calories, fat grams, protein grams, etc, you’ve consumed throughout the day. MyPlate has many of the brands of food you know and love, so after a quick search, you input how much you ate, and it’ll do all the math for you. Easy, right? On LiveStrong, you can also blog about your journey, upload pics, join groups and get local exercise routes from other members to try. Its very cool, and my favorite part is the tagline: “Dare to Change Your Life.” How can you NOT be motivated?!?!