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I am now a Minnesota photographer

Posted by on Jan 16, 2014 |

Yes, I am now a Minnesota photographer specializing in portraits.

After 24 fabulous years in my beloved New York City, I made the gigantic move to the Minneapolis area.

Why oh why would a person make such a crazy decision? I’m not sure yet. It’s only been a little over two months.

My parents are getting on in years and most of my immediate family is here. We will go get my mom in the spring and move her from Olympia, WA into the Minneapolis area – or possibly the Northfield, MN area. We’re not yet sure. She’s going to need some assistance in the near future.

So one life chapter closed and another has begun. My life will still be about creating great – possibly better than ever – images and I hope you’ll make the journey with me.

The Minnesota photography market will be very different from New York City. I’m not sure how. And I’m not sure how I’ll fit in here, but I will figure it out. If you have suggestions for me, please chip in your two cents.

If you’re curious about what I do, this is my favorite portfolio of women. If you like animals, this is my favorite portfolio of dogs.

I’m a little lonely here in the chilly Midwest, so I could use a virtual hug and encouragement. Please share your stories of change with me to help make this transition easier – or at least to let me know I’m not the only one out there who chose to so radically uproot her life.

Here’s an image I made on frozen solid Lake Minnetonka. What do you think?

Minnesota photographer captures ice fishing - sunfish from Lake Minnetonka

Ice fishing – sunfish from Lake Minnetonka