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Seven ways to celebrate Mother’s Day when you’re pregnant

Posted by on May 5, 2012 |

Since pregnancy lasts 75% of a calendar year, many women will be pregnant over Mother’s Day. So how to celebrate?

  1. Feel special, feel beautiful

    Make some beauty appointments! Get a massage, get a facial, get a mani/pedi. I’ve been to this little gem of a find in Midtown East, Lilly & Raul. It’s nothing terribly fancy, but a 60-minute, very effective massage was $45.
    Great, cheap massage in Midtown

  2. If you’re the dad and it’s ok to celebrate before the baby is born, consider giving the mother of your child a piece of jewelry made with the birthstone of your child. May’s birthstone is emerald. This beautiful, 12.6 carat, 7-inch emerald tennis bracelet is available at Gems NY for $4,930. emerald tennis bracelet for birth gift
  3. Sign up for a birth class

    Anna Merrill, a former client, has a wonderful, full support business focused on the entire birthing process. Learn more about Birth Day Presencebirthday presence

  4. Take a yoga class

    The Prenatal Yoga Center on the Upper West Side has been in business for years. Give them a try.
    Prenatal yoga center NYC

  5. Learn about making baby food

    If that sounds like too much work, HappyBaby will only be too happy to provide your baby with healthy, nutritious food.

  6. Rent some beautiful maternity clothes

    If the idea of spending a lot on clothes that you’ll only wear for a few months seems excessive, rent them! Mine for Nine rents stylish, practical and entirely unpractical maternity clothes.
    MineForNine rents maternity clothes

  7. Schedule a maternity photo shoot

    It goes without saying that this may be the best way to honor a pregnancy.

    Images from a studio portrait session that include both private images and images that you can share with the world get more valuable as time goes by.

    I have one picture of my mother pregnant with me from the 1960’s. It’s fascinating to see how young and pretty she is AND what she’s wearing. Best way to celebrate mother's day when pregnant