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Explore writing with my friend Jennifer Johnson

Posted by on Feb 9, 2009 |

If you’re interested in creative writing, check out what my friend is offering in Asheville!

I have three online creative writing workshops that start February 23 and continue through March 30. I’m also offering the Writing From Life workshop in Asheville on Monday afternoons 3:00-4:30pm. These are 6-week workshops. I’m offering a special introductory rate of $175 (regularly $225) for new students who have not previously taken a workshop with me. All workshops are limited to 10 participants.

Writing From Life (online and in Asheville–Mondays 3-4:30pm)
Writing as Pilgrimage    (online)
Creative Writing as Reflective Practice for Psychotherapists  (online)

Online participants will be sent weekly writing lessons and assignments. Participants will then post writing each week to a closed online group forum for feedback and discussion. My style is to teach writing craft in an educational, encouraging and supportive manner. All participants are encouraged to keep their feedback focused within specific guidelines in order to facilitate an atmosphere of mutual respect and support for one another.

Writing From Life explores the richness of our stories from everyday life and works toward shaping them into narrative. The course investigates creative methods for exploring memory, finding one’s authentic writing voice, and creating narrative from life experience. The course is designed for those who are interested in writing for publication, writing for personal enjoyment, writing stories to leave as legacy for family, writing for publication, or writing toward self-discovery or healing. Writers in this course may work with material from life to create memoir or fiction. The course is for beginning to experienced writers.

Writing as Pilgrimage explores writing as a journey inward toward listening to the stories that live within us. The sacred journey of writing our inner thoughts can teach us about deep listening. It can lead us on an inward spiritual journey toward understanding the very nature of our souls. Our spirits are hungry for meaning. Writing our inner thoughts makes meaning of what we experience, and this can utterly transform us.

Creative Writing as Reflective Practice for Psychotherapists and Healthcare Professionals allows the professional to reflect upon his/her own experience in applying knowledge to the practice of providing care for another. It can facilitate deep listening, empathy, and burnout prevention. Through writing, we bear witness to ourselves, and in sharing our writing with others, we bear witness to one another. This workshop provides opportunity to engage in creative writing as a tool for facilitating deep listening, empathy, self-awareness, and self-care. It affords professionals a new perspective on providing care for others, which may result in a renewed sense of passion for healthcare practice and may therefore prevent burnout. Participants will increase their narrative competence by learning to identify the narrative themes in the stories of the patient.

Jennifer Johnson, MS, MFA, LPC is a writing teacher and coach, photographer, and psychotherapist in Asheville, NC. She is an adjunct English instructor at Mars Hill College and AB Technical Community College. She teaches private writing students individually and in workshops online and in face-to-face sessions.  For more information, see Jennifer’s website at, see her writing blog at, or contact her directly.  828-252-5116.

Jennifer Johnson
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