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Exotic animal photo prop?

Posted by on Mar 15, 2011 |

Wolf in Central Park – New York, NY

It never ceases to amaze me how bizarre New Yorkers can be. Today I was stepping over fences in Central Park (and getting yelled at by park staff) to photograph the snowdrops and crocuses when I saw this curious-looking dog from across the way.

I strolled over to ask permission to shoot the dog’s face and learned that it was not, in fact, a dog. “This is a wolf, an Alaskan wolf,” said the proud man. Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a human walking a wolf in Central Park, but this has to be the strangest looking feral animal I’ve seen. The man swears the wolf loves people and other dogs – just not the pit bull that jumped him who he almost killed in a brutal dog fight. Right at Columbus Circle. With cops cheering for the wolf.

Oh the things this city delivers.

Soooo….getting back to photography, the wolf owner only too quickly offered up his “pet” for a photo shoot, so if any of you are game for something a little, er, well, unusual, we have a wolf prop at our disposal.

I thought this animal looked a little kooky. He had a lopsided snout and I swear his eyes are crossed, but he didn’t try to bite me, sniff me or cooperate with the camera. Do I expect too much?

New York City wolf in Central Park

Paws of New York City wolf in Central Park