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Day 5 of 11 Driving Across the USA

Posted by on Apr 25, 2007 |

Canyon X was a big disappointment. Jackson Bridges means well. Very well.

But the five or six-hour allotment for this canyon is too much. There’s kind of an upper and a lower canyon, but they’re not special.

AND, I was appalled that there was no prep talk about bathroom requirements and other safety issues.

Canyon X near Page, AZ
Canyon X

His wife, who runs the office, said Jackson would be providing everything for lunch, including water. Thank goodness it wasn’t hot that day, ’cause there was no water to be had.

If you’re considering this trip, skip it. I would visit Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon multiple times instead. After all, this excursion costs $150!

I got in the car, found a car wash and headed for Pagosa Springs, CO. I was a little torn between heading for Telluride and making straight for Pagosa Springs, but I decided I’d dawdled too much already and felt behind!

The dry, desert drive from Page, through Four Corners into CO was almost unremarkable – beautiful, yes – but unremarkable except for one stunning side drive.

Monument Valley National Park was on the way, kinda, so I drove through it. It is spectacular, too, but I didn’t stop. Not for even one photo. I did NOT like the scattered mobile homes dotting the landscape, but, well, it’s their land. The Navajo choose how to regulate this amazing place.

It was very dark and lonely driving those last few miles on two-lane 160 and I almost, almost hit a deer. My heart was in my throat for the next twenty minutes.

I somehow got a rate at the Pagosa Springs Inn down from $166 to $125. I was so tired – and even a bit hungry – that I stumbled over to Tequila’s, a Mexican restaurant, and had a beer and some food.

Had a great night’s sleep.