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David Hostetler unveiling IKON in Midtown Manhattan

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 | 1 comment

In a quirky twist of coincidental lives, I get to be part of David Hostetler unveiling IKON in Midtown Manhattan. Congratulations, David! I’m thrilled to be so close to your latest creation. I’ll see it every single day and I’ll think of you every time I walk by.

David Hostetler unveiling IKON in Midtown Manhattan

The unveiling will take place tomorrow, October 17, 2012 at 5:30PM in the public space maintained by The Sheffield, 322 W 57th Street. This is located between 8th & 9th Avenues.

David Hostetler unveiling IKON in Midtown Manhattan on October 17, 2012
IKON installed but wrapped up in advance of the unveiling

David Hostetler plaque for IKON sculpture before it was installed
Plaque for IKON before it was installed

Craig Wassoff, the man who bought David Hostetler's IKON sculpture for the Sheffield, standing outside of the Sheffield before the unveiling
Craig Wassoff, the man who purchased David Hostetler’s IKON for the beautiful public space next to the Sheffield. Thank you, Craig.

Craig explained that the bronze sculpture’s exterior has a smooth, white coating designed to reflect light and cast a luminous glow into the courtyard.

Craig is also worried about two other things. The first is pigeons. It just will not do to have a flock of pigeons take up residence on the lady’s head.

The second thing Craig is worried about is defacing and graffiti. The sculpture’s “face” could invite mischievous “artists” to add eyes or a mouth.

We’ll see about that.

Specially designed lighting will be left on throughout the night. Any ne’er do wells with the temerity to approach the piece at questionable hours will face the full fury and wrath of the Sheffield staff. (You should see how they talk to me about where my dog pees – they don’t mess around). That said, such an act would just open another Darwin Award entry.

David Hostetler sculpture in Aspen, CO
David Hostetler sculpture in Aspen, CO photographed by Koren Reyes July 2012.

I’ve known David Hostetler almost as long as I can remember. We were fellow artists from Nantucket; he made the really impressive (and REALLY expensive) sculptures and I was the famous basketweaver (also REALLY expensive but thanks to my grandfather).


The famous Reyes Lightship Basket family

After Jose Formoso Reyes (my paternal grandfather) died, I carried on his famous tradition. I kept the Reyes name alive in the Nantucket Lightship Basket craft for twelve years. How did I learn this fine art form? I learned the old fashioned way. I fanatically watched my grandfather work every summer my family spent on Nantucket Island.

close up photo by Koren Reyes of a Reyes Nantucket lightship basket
close up photo by Koren Reyes of a Reyes Nantucket lightship basket with green apples

In another coincidental twist of intertwined lives, I photographed David Hostetler’s sister-in-law’s wedding. David’s wife, Susan, was in the wedding party (of course!). I had a blast working this beautiful, high end wedding in Manhattan. It was a stunning wedding that took us from Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church to Central Park for some classic portraits to the Upper East Side for her swanky reception.

Sadly, I won’t be able to take part in the ceremony tomorrow at 5:30PM. My uncle Robin Reyes died a few days ago and the wake is in Boston at exactly the same time. (RIP, my fellow basketmaker. I know your Nantucket days weren’t the best, but I’ll forever be grateful to you for giving me my first camera set when I was ten years old.)

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