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Cute pregnancy poem at 4 weeks: words to love and laugh with

Posted by on May 1, 2012 |

Pregnancy poem – Cute “poem” about pregnancy

I found this pregnancy poem at and had to share….

Pregnancy poem Cute poem about pregnancy and cute pregnancy ads
56 glasses of water
53 hours of sleep
16 days til we break the news
15 moments of nausea
14 days until ultrasound
9 names discussed
7 prenatal vitamins consumed
6 mood swings
4 hours working on baby’s room
3 baby books found
2 cravings
1 positive pregnancy test
1 big brother told
0 cans of diet pepsi

Have your own pregnancy poem to share?

I want to read it! Please share your funny, poignant, thoughtful or casual observations about your pregnancy.

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