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Christmas card using maternity pictures with dogs

Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 |

Christmas card using maternity pictures with dogs

It’s not too late to get photos done for your holiday cards.

Here are some ideas to get you started. Remember, professional photography opens the door to all kinds of creativity. We can do custom layouts, colors, image combinations, copy and any other idea you can imagine.

Every year, I do Christmas card using maternity pictures with dogs. This holiday card was for a Jewish couple. They, and their gorgeous chocolate lab, were expecting.

I’ll do holiday cards with dogs, cats, birds, even horses. Or any combination of animal and children you’d like to send out. Or just keep to frame for a wall.

Christmas card using maternity pictures with dogs and holiday cards with pregnancy photos and pets

Holiday card with maternity pictures and a dog

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel in these photos didn’t stop barking for a straight hour. But the card worked out great just the same.

When you bring animals in for holiday photos, expect them to take as much as fifteen minutes to settle down. I have my own dog in the studio, so all visitors have a lot to sniff and explore. Don’t worry though, even the most high-strung dog will calm down after a little bit.

For more ideas on pet photo shoots in New York City, please visit my pets web sites which features mostly dog photography. I am Koren Reyes and this is one of my web brands:

King Charles Spaniel Christmas Card
Christmas card with Cavalier King Charles

Two Maltese Terriers in woman's lap for Christmas Card
Two Maltese and their owner in a ball gown for a fancy holiday card