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The Cowtown Rodeo, NJ trip over Labor Day 2011

Posted by on Sep 4, 2011 in Cowboys & Horses, Travel Log, Western Theme |

I’m on a quest to find beautiful images of people and horses with a Western theme. It turns out that even though I live in New York City, I dodn’t have to travel too far to find the real deal. Over Labor Day weekend, I drove the couple of hours south to rural Cowtown, NJ to attend my very first rodeo. The Cowtown Rodeo is the longest-running, regularly scheduled rodeo in the country. Located in Salem County, NJ, the Cowtown Rodeo produces rodeo events sanctioned by PRCA...

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Day 6a of 11 Driving Across the Continent

Posted by on Apr 26, 2007 in Events, Luxury Lifestyle, Travel Log |

This is the day I really thought I was going to die. It started out ok. I woke up and dove into the hot mineral springs. Pagosa Springs sits on a giant geothermal water release that comes out of the ground at 155 degrees. They’ve created 17 pools of varying degrees and sizes. They’re all wonderful. I got in all of them in the hour that I had to lollygag before hitting the road. Pagosa Hot Mineral Springs, CO I’ve always wondered if there were negative health effects of...

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Day 5 of 11 Driving Across the USA

Posted by on Apr 25, 2007 in Luxury Lifestyle, Travel Log |

Canyon X was a big disappointment. Jackson Bridges means well. Very well. But the five or six-hour allotment for this canyon is too much. There’s kind of an upper and a lower canyon, but they’re not special. AND, I was appalled that there was no prep talk about bathroom requirements and other safety issues. Canyon X His wife, who runs the office, said Jackson would be providing everything for lunch, including water. Thank goodness it wasn’t hot that day, ’cause there...

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