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Meet Mazzie: New York’s luckiest rescue dog

Posted by on May 28, 2011 in Animal photography, Dog Photographers, Dog photography, New York City, Pet Photography, Puppy photographers |

Video put together from stills featuring Mazzie, New York’s luckiest rescue dog Mazzie’s owner, Tanya, did a beautiful thing. She adopted and rehabilitated this big, powerful dog with a very specific training...

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Tips for raising a puppy in New York City, NYC

Posted by on Feb 18, 2009 in Dog photography, Puppy photographers, Tips |

Ten Things I wish I’d known when I got my Havanese puppy I had never owned a dog on my own before and was totally clueless about how to prepare. I spent time at Barnes & Noble researching what other people had to say, but nobody really gives you the details. Buy the Advance Wee-wee pads from JB Pet, 100 for $29.99 Brushes You’ll need a body brush, a flea comb (for the eyes) and a fat-tooth comb for cleaning off stuck-on poop. Nature’s Miracle You’ll need at...

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