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Cake smash: smashing success or disaster?

Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 |

The cake smash: Smashing success or disaster?

© Koren Reyes. November 15, 2012

A few years ago, a young mom of twins wanted to treat her adorable sons to the best first birthday ever. She had been a client of mine when she was pregnant and again when her twins were newborns.

Her name is Jada. She’s the hearing daughter of two deaf parents who happens to be married to a deaf man; a deaf man who has somehow learned to speak.

Jim and Jada went down a long, hard road trying to conceive with too many mishaps along the way. When these healthy, happy boys were born, the new parents saw the world through rose-colored glass. Nothing would be too good for these two precious gifts of life.

Jada made a list of the traditional party elements for children. She wrote down clowns, face-painters, Big Bird impersonators. She imagined balloons and sparkling cider. She drooled at the catering possibilities.

But children can barely walk at one year old. Who was she kidding? Her boys were interested in eating, throwing things, sleeping and studying their environments. A one-year-old birthday party was really an excuse to have a grown-up get-together.

While deciding what to plan for the big day, Jada spotted a funny picture of her friend’s toddler. Her laughing face was smeared in pink and purple frosting.

“What was going on here?” she asked. “I threw my daughter a cake smash party and hired a photographer to capture the entire thing.”

The light bulb went on. Perfect. This was PERFECT for the big first birthday.

When Jada’s call came in, we shared a good laugh about how funny it would be. She asked me, “Are you good with scraping frosting off the ceiling and out of your hair?” We imagined the giggles and the laughter and the pure joy these boys would experience from a no-holds-barred, cake- and icing-flinging free-for-all.

cake smash Cat in the Hat themeCake smash: Cat in the Hat theme
I passed along the name of a woman who makes art out of flour and sugar. Jada went with the Cat in the Hat theme. We chose a gray background to complement the twins’ skin tones and the red stripes in the cake.

The day arrived. We stripped the kids down to their diapers (specially chosen to match the cake), plopped them onto the paper and carefully placed the cake in front of them.

The three of us, the adults in the room, were squealing with laughter and anticipation of one-year-old joy.