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Bump it Up – a great read for the pregnant fashionista

Posted by on Aug 3, 2010 |

I have the same conversation with every single client and it starts something like this, “What should I wear or bring to my maternity photo session?”

I always answer the same way, “I like working with solid colors (favorites being black, white, chocolate brown, teal, charcoal gray…), and the fabrics should always be thin, and the fit should always be perfect, not too loose and definitely not too tight.”

Inevitably, this starts a discussion about what to wear in general when pregnant. And this leads to me changing the way a lot of women actually wear their clothes during the last two months.

While I may pay particular attention to the way pregnant women wear their clothes, there’s a better source for what to wear and here’s how I found it…

I was engaged in shameless self-promotion at a bookstore the other day when I stumbled upon Bump it Up by Amy Tara Koch. I think every pregnant fashionista will enjoy not just the great style tips, but the “before and after” drawings. They’re delightful. They’re useful. They’ll change the way pregnant women think about pregnancy style!

Learn more at Amy Tara Koch’s web site, Bump it Up

Bump it Up by Amy Tara Koch