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Boston terrier dog photography session in NYC

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 |

A Boston terrier dog photography session NYC

A Boston terrier dog photography session NYC

Boston terrier dog photography session NYC

The dog photography sessions I do are near and dear to my heart.

I love all animals, but especially dogs. I booked this Boston terrier dog photography session NYC about a month ago and did the review session with the client this week.

In case you’re curious as to how my sessions go, I’ll share. Except for the Mini Tuesday photo sessions, most of my clients book two appointments with me. While many other studios in other US cities invite the client in for a consultation, New Yorkers don’t want anything to do with that.

My consultations almost always take place on the phone. The first appointment is the actual shoot. Most dog shoots last an hour, depending on how the dog is feeling in the strange place surrounded by the smells of my own dog. A lot of people ask if the strobe bothers dogs. In ten years of doing this, I’ve never had a dog fear the pop of light. Sometimes I have to turn off the recycle beep, but that’s it.

close-up of the head of a Boston terrier
Close-up of a Boston terrier

It’s entirely impossible to predict how a dog will feel about being photographed. Some of the naturally high-strung dogs are very calm and some of the calmest dogs don’t stop barking. That said, the calmer the owner is, the better the shoot will go.

The second appointment is the image review. This is where clients return to the studio for the formal presentation of their images. I use Time Exposure’s ProSelect and I have a Canon projector. I choose to project onto black seamless paper, which pretty much surprises everyone, but I like the effect.

I edit the shoot down to about 60 images; sometimes it’s a lot more than that, especially if I’ve photographed a large family as a group and as individuals and alone.

The client sees a five-minute slideshow set to music of all their selects, and then we go back and start narrowing the options into the Yes, Maybe and No groups. These sessions take about ninety minutes.

The best part of these sessions is the unrestricted creative license. I do a lot of triptychs; and they’re rarely the same size or proportion. I can create custom layouts on the fly … sometimes we like tall and skinny and sometimes we like square. Sometimes huge works, sometimes tiny is better. I can show clients a 5×5 image framed inside ten inches of mat surrounding the picture, an effect I think is beautiful, especially when we use 8-ply mats.

Boston terrier lying down, 12 years old
Boston terrier lying down

In my current dog photography package, I include a custom-framed 8×10 print. Here’s how we designed the Boston terrier’s framed photo:
Boston terrier dog photography session NYC, dog is 12 years old, peeking out from behind the legs of her owners
Boston terrier peeking out from behind owners’ legs