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Before and after pictures of a dog in snow

Posted by on Jan 21, 2011 |

I know a lot of you are curious what kind of Photoshop retouching goes into my pictures. Here is an example.

All images were shot with the Canon 5D Mark II with a 50mm, 1.8 prime lens. ISO was set at 400 and I had auto color balance set.

dog in snow in New York City for website
This was shot at f8.0 at 1/197 of a second.

Here is the post-production image:
dog in snow in New York City for website
I added a curve where I dropped the blue/yellow curve down just a tad, slid the Color Balance yellow/blue down 6 points, 100 up on the contrast slider, and added a brightening curve masked out except for a rounded ball on the dog.