Helpful hints to have a great experience with your photographer

Articles to help you have a great experience

What to wear for a headshot Denim in headshots Orange is a GREAT headshot clothing color Doctor's wardrobe for a headshot

Articles to help you have a great photography experience

Five things to know before hiring a photographer

Tips and hints for interviewing a photographer, judging a photographer's work, choosing a budget and more.

How to choose a photographer

Choosing a photographer usually comes down to price or something else. Some people are extremely price sensitive while others value something more.

What to wear to a maternity photo shoot

Are you formal? Informal? Is being comfortable more important than anything? These helpful hints will help you choose the optimal clothing shapes for a pregnancy shoot.

What should my husband wear to a maternity shoot?

I love it when husbands, partners or boyfriends come with you for a maternity shoot. Here are some helpful hints for men as to what they should wear.

What to wear for a family portrait

Learn about the different color families and color harmony that work for family pictures, and how white and red are two of the most mis-used colors for photos. Learn more.

A discussion about film versus digital

Some photographers are still using film even though the majority have mad the digital switch. Is one superior to the other?

Why is photography expensive?

In a digital world overtaken by iPhones making stunning, heart-warming Instagram images, why on earth should you spend a lot of money on a photographer?

Tips for great wedding photography

There's one HUGE secret to almost guarantee you'll love your pictures. Read more to learn what it is.


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