Why is photography expensive?

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Custom photography is an investment...

...that you and your family will enjoy for decades, even centuries, to come.

You are paying for this wonderful experience and service by a skilled professional.

  • You'll enjoy the benefits of tens of thousands of dollars invested in top-of-the-line equipment and software and hundreds of hours in training. In the digital world, camera quality and creative Photoshop skills are the two most important factors in creating a stunning image. I have both.
  • You are investing in my highly specialized skill and talent.
  • When you book a maternity session with me, you are booking the exclusive right to my undivided time and attention for a day.
  • I do not book more than one private session per day because I choose to arrive at a shoot with fresh energy and a clean artistic presence.
  • Being a model for a day is an incredibly liberating, celebratory experience, but staying focused on directions and emotion will challenge you to dig deep. It is similar for me.
  • Unlike other studios that limit your number of image captures, I establish minimum guidelines to give you an idea of how many images we will create. It's not about the number, it's about the quality of each shot.
  • In addition to the hours we work together, you are also paying for my post-production time. You are also entrusting me to archive your precious images forever with significant redundancy in multiple locations.
  • I am as prepared as possible to ensure the lowest possibility of total loss. Your images are stored on two external hard drives (only Seagate and Hitachi brands) in enclosures with fans.
  • For additional backup, I burn your images on gold DVDs which are rated to last 300 years.
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