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What should I wear for a formal portrait or headshot?

What clothing is appropriate for a headshot?

  • Neutrals: navy, chocolate brown, charcoal gray.
  • Career-specific clothing: tuxedos, suits, uniforms.
  • Avoid patterns, logos, branding, and busy designs.
  • Avoid bright pink and yellow.

Women’s Necklines

  • Select v-necks, square-necks, turtlenecks or deep scoop necks.
  • Avoid crewnecks and cowlnecks.
  • Add jackets or sweaters for a finished, layered look.

Men’s Necklines

  • select career-specific necklines like button-down business shirts, polo shirt collars, bow ties, classic neckties with knots neither too wide nor too narrow.

Women’s Sleeves

  • Long-sleeves flatter the most.
  • Avoid t-shirt length sleeves unless you have sculpted or very thin upper arms.

Avoid anything shiny or reflective

  • Avoid large, shiny objects like belt buckles, bold jewelry and reflective watches.
  • Unless your watch has a story, take it off for your portrait session. In fact, it's best to take it off well before you arrive so the marks on your wrist have a chance to fade.
  • Classic, elegant jewelry like pearls always looks appropriate.

Beware the color red

  • Red attracts attention.
  • If you want to stand out on purpose, wear red.

Portrait Tips for Men

  • The more formal the portrait, the darker your outer layers must be. Light colors for an informal or summer location portrait are appropriate.
  • Turtlenecks look great, especially under jackets.
  • Do not wear a jacket that is much lighter than what you're wearing underneath it.
  • Crewnecks sweaters or layers work fine on men. Consider wearing white t-shirts under button-down shirts.

What beauty or grooming preparation should I consider?

  • Get a manicure a day or so in advance.

Makeup makes a difference for both men and women.

  • Consider visiting a makeup center prior to your shoot if a makeup artist/groomer will not be onsite with you.
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