Bad choices for maternity photos: wardrobe to avoid


wardrobe to avoid for a maternity photo shoot

Clothing to avoid for a maternity photo shoot

Wondering what your husband should wear to a maternity shoot?

Keep in mind that these are just guidelines. If you love prints and plaid, bring them!

10 things to avoid during your maternity photo shoot

  1. Colors - avoid yellow, lime green and bright pink. These colors frequently lie outside the color gamut most digital cameras can capture. That means you'll see a color shift if you choose these colors, especially in print.
  2. Prints & Patterns - I prefer solid colors, but if you adore prints and plaids and they're part of your identity, bring them!
  3. Fabrics - Avoid sharp-edged elastic that you find in lingerie, some camisoles and sock tops. You don't want any impressions on your skin, especially if you're going full nude.
  4. Tube tops - I really don't like tube tops or bandeaux, but if you like them, I'll let you wear them ;-)
  5. Baggy - avoid anything that hangs off the belly. It's really important to capture the under-belly shape.
  6. Sleeves - Women should avoid t-shirt length sleeves unless they have beautiful, sculpted or very thin upper arms.
  7. Necklines - Women should avoid all the men's traditional necklines like crewnecks, polos and button-downs, as well as the sloppy women's styles like cowlnecks.
  8. Shoes - You'll be barefoot for the entire session unless you really want to put the heels on.
  9. Lingerie - Avoid baby doll lingerie. This is a personal taste thing for me.
  10. Jewelry - avoid large, clunky, shiny jewelry unless you are making a statement. Jewelry reflections can be very distracting; they can also totally make a photo. Choose appropriately.
  11. BONUS: stay normal - avoid wearing any type of clothing that is way outside your normal wardrobe. If you dress formally most of the time, you don't want to exclusively bring simple t-shirts and ripped jeans. Conversely, if you're nothing but casual, don't dress up for your maternity shoot. You want to look at your pictures and easily, comfortably relate to the "you" in them.

What you should bring to your maternity photo shoot

More tips on what your husband should wear and makeup ideas

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