Tips for great wedding photos

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Tasks to chalk off in advance

Schedule a bridal portrait in advance of the ceremony date

There’s an incredible amount of pressure on the wedding day to tick off everything on the to-do list and everything takes longer than you think. You want the photographer to have all the time he or she needs to pose you, work with the light and find your sweet spot. While you may get lucky and have all of this come together on your ceremony day, if at all possible schedule this important shot another day.

Purchase disposable cameras for the tables

Disposable cameras decorated with a wedding theme are cheap and easy to find

Either ask your photographer to provide them (and develop them!) or buy them yourself. Your photographer can’t be everywhere at once, so even if you toss 80% of what comes out of the disposables, you’ll probably get some great keepers that make the nominal expense worthwhile. Don’t wait till the last minute, however. Order in advance!

Create your posing list at least one week in advance

You’ve probably got at least a few posed photographs with key wedding party members or family members that you’ll want. Make sure you get this list to the photographer in advance of the Big Day! Add thirty seconds per person to the amount of time it will take just to organize a picture I realize you and your guests want to get to or get on with the celebration, but give your photographer as much time as you can to position people for these once in a lifetime shots.

Request your guests’ emails on the invitation reply

so you can easily share your online proofs with them Unless you’re indifferent as to who looks at your proofs, make sure your photographer provides adequate access encryption.

Send your wedding day plan of events to the photographer

Include all the details from the moments the bride first begins hair or make-up, to the grand departure at the very end. It really helps the photographer to know what to expect, especially during the ceremony, so he or she can locate the optimal shooting angle.

Include the ceremony location contact information

Send the photographer the name and contact information of the person in charge of the ceremony location so that he or she can talk to the source about lighting rules. Some venues allow flash and/or extra lighting while others don’t. Once the photographer finds out what the rules are, he or she should have a discussion with you about the implication of the lighting options.

If you have a logistics coordinator, tell your photographer

Many event locations have a coordinator who keeps the event sequence rolling. You’ll get better pictures when your photographer is in the loop and is in place when these events begin than when he or she is rushing to catch up.

Plan the photography sequence with your photographer

If you’re willing to see your future spouse before the ceremony, get as many group photos as possible out of the way beforehand. If not, at least get wedding party and family photos on each side done in advance.

If it suits you, allow your photographer to spend a good amount of time with the bride in the final stages of preparation

If you haven’t purchased a full day of photography, I urge you to skew the amount of time with your shooter to the time before the ceremony rather than the reception. I say this because some of the most intimate, touching images come out of the last few moments of the bride’s preparation and interaction with her mother and bridesmaids.

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